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Music Program

A musician plays the Karen harp for the teens (Mae Ra Moe Camp). DARE invited traditional musicians from the community to help teach the teens about their musical culture.
A young teen performs for the group (Mae La Oon Camp). While many teens in the camps know and love modern music and instruments, their traditional culture is slowly being lost in the camp setting.
The musicians demonstrate the traditional instruments to the teens (Mae La Oon Camp). A renewed interest in the teen’s traditional culture is a potential outlet for the frustration of being confined to the camps.
After the demonstration the teens take a turn playing with the instruments (Mae Ra Moe Camp). DARE hopes to create a hall, where music and creativity can become an alternative to drug and alcohol abuse by teens within the camps.
A traditional musician plays along with the teens (Mae Ra Moe Camp). Part of the idea behind DARE’s music program is to help preserve traditional Karen musical culture through the use of both traditional and modern instruments.
A young teen tries his hand at the harp (Mae Ra Moe Camp). While many of the teens can sing and play guitar already, this program encourages the teens to learn how to play traditonal instruments as well.
A group of teens perform a traditional song they composed using both modern and traditional instruments (Mae La Oon Camp).


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