A Free Mind Cannot Be Destroyed

Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Education on the Thai/Myanmar Border


DARE (Drug & Alcohol Recovery & Education) Network is a grassroots National NGO. DARE Network provides culturally appropriate non-medical treatment & prevention education to reduce substance abuse & associated social issues within the communities of displaced ethnic people from Burma, along the Thai/Burma border. DARE Network envisions the strength of ethnic people from Burma to use the power of recovery from addiction as a non-violent means to resist oppression.

A Free Mind Cannot Be Destroyed.


We are there

Addiction Work for displaced people from Burma on the Thai/Burma Border?  Who would come and help?  Just one.  That is why we built up DARE Network from within the refugee communities.   People working for their own people.

We provide education

DARE Network Addiction Workers are highly trained local people offering addiction education to clients, families, schools, teachers, youth, local leadership and the general public.

We remove stigma

When people learn about addiction and help each other prevent it and treat it, then trust is built.  Encouragement replaces stigma and success is celebrated.


We build community

The greatest experts are the ones with experience.  No one person or group can solve a social problem alone.  At DARE Network, the whole community gets involved.  Everyone can learn and do something to reduce the harm of addiction in their community.

We succeed

DARE Network provides Prevention Education to over 30,000 people a year.  We have treated nearly 6000 people for their addictions over 22 years with an on-going non-relapse success rate of 60%.  This is double western rates.  It works because of community.


We rely on culture

Our program has taken the best knowledge of East and West to provide a unique, culturally appropriate, yet replicable program for the Indigenous people of Burma.

Provide a helping hand

We can’t make it alone.
We need your support.
All help can bring a big change.



Prevention Education Reaching over 30,000 people per year


Non-medical, culturally appropriate Addiction Treatment in 5 DARE Network Centres on the Thai/Myanmar Border with over 6000 people already treated

Traditional teachers

Working with people of all abilities from all ethnicities, religions, races and genders

We need your help

Website maintenance, fundraising, social media, social enterprise support.

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