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Capacity Building

Training Session in Mae Lae Camp.

Each year, DARE Network adds new workers as staff members leave for resettlement in Canada, United States, Norway and Australia.

While this resettlement is a positive move forward for the future security of many refugees, it also means that we must train many new addiction workers to continue to provide services to those left behind.

We have started a new training program to train four master addiction trainers who will then serve as new staff trainers in the community. This training will last approximately 6 months. These master trainers will be located along the Thai/Burma border and will be able to train workers as needed.

By increasing our training capacity, we ensure the future success of treatment and prevention programming along the border. At DARE Network, transfer of knowledge and skills are an integral component of our organization, as it contributes to the sustainability of our work and ensures continuity.

To facilitate the transfer of knowledge, DARE Network has continued to coordinate Information Exchange Workshops among the DARE Network camp staff. These workshops enable workers to share their best practices and experiences in a common location. This week-long event has become an increasingly important piece of our capacity building.

Past Capacity Building Projects included:

  • First Nations (Canada) and DARE Network Indigenous Peoples Cultural and Addiction Programs Exchange
  • Development of training and prevention education materials
  • Gender Based Violence prevention training for staff and camps workers
  • Financial Management workshops staff and camp workers
  • Communication and Management workshops for staff
  • Website development for DARE staff members
  • Computer skills and software training for DARE staff
  • Proposal and report writing skills
  • Evaluation management skills