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Client Success Stories

Since 2002, DARE Network has touched the lives of tens of thousands of Burmese refugees, migrants and displaced persons. Our inpatient detox and recovery clinics have treated more than 3,000 patients, with prevention and education programs reaching roughly 100,000 more. Below are just some of the stories of former patients whom DARE has assisted in living drug and alcohol free lives, illustrating the ways in which addiction therapy is not a benefit to the patient alone, but to entire families and the community as a whole.


- testimonials are translated from local dialects to English by DARE staff members




Client (1)

Long term recovery client

             I started to use drug & alcohol when I was teenager. When I follow my friend to went somewhere, they force me to use it. If you did what we said, you could follow us and enjoy with us. I spend my time and used it with my friend every time when I follow them. I stared to addict it step by step until without drug & alcohol I can’t do anything. Therefore I became under control by drug & alcohol.

            In addiction, local authorities came and encourage me to stop using it. Moreover they let me known about DARE treatment program for my recovery. After that I agree with them and went to DARE treatment center.

            I felt happy while I been in treatment center. The addiction workers have a good hospitality to us. They gave us good knowledge and activities during treatment period. I satisfied that addiction workers didn’t ignore me and have a good relationship with me. Therefore I eager to change my mind and became value person again.

            After treatment I have to face with many problems. Mostly people who lived around me they were addict people. I remember while we were in treatment period, the addiction worker spend their time and gave us education to become a good person. So I could control my mind and try to avoid it easily. I wanted to inform all of the people who lived in community, using drug & alcohol were not a good thing. It will damage your and would destroy your people for the future.


Client (1) family story        

           Before he went to DARE treatment center, I wanted to split up with him and wanted to die every day. He never took care of his family and did what he wanted to do every time. He didn’t listen to me and moreover he fought with me every time when he came back to house.  

            After when he went to DARE treatment center, I very happy with him because he decided him self to change his mind and rebuild a new life. We have lost complain and fighting in our family so our house full with peace & unity. We thank him so much because now he could control him self and be free for substance abuse. We never thought that he would change his mind and became value person in our family. More over it was became a good example for his old friends and his neighbor. 




Client (2)

Short term recovery client

          I came to DARE treatment center because I wanted to stop using drug and alcohol in my life time. The reason was to recovery for substance abuse and to be useful in the community. I used many kinds of drug, they were alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, cigar and I started to use it when I was 18 years old. When I went back to community, I have met with my old friends and they were force me to use drug, alcohol again. But I tried my best to avoid it and be a good role modern for them every time. During in treatment time we got education and treatment by DARE addiction workers. The addiction people who in there have to follow rule and regulation that set up by addiction workers.

        First, when I back to community I have to face many kind of problem about drug and alcohol.  Every day I have to control my self as I would not use it again and spend my time with local religious leader to get strength for them. The percentage of addicted person was decrease because of DARE activities in our community. Moreover I have seen that some of addiction person when they were recovery they work hard to get income in their family and they didn’t have any more fighting in their house. Therefore DARE Network was useful in our community. Finally, I want to inform all of local people who live in society to appreciate DARE activity and collaborate with them in our community for the future.


Client (2) family story

        Before he went to DARE treatment center, the situation of our family was very bad. We have misunderstood and fought for each other every day. The people who live a round us, they were ignore and look down our family. There are no peace and unity in our home. After he back from DARE treatment centre the situation in our family was improving because he was recovery for drug and alcohol.

       After when he was recovery, he tried hard for our family and we didn’t have any discrimination in our neighbor because the benefit of DARE Network in our community. I would like to suggest DARE Network organization that do not work only in the camp, have to work also in Karen state to reduce the percentage of dealer and addicted people in the community.  I have got knowledge about how to prevent and avoid drug, alcohol so I could share this information to other people who didn’t know drug, alcohol problem in their community.




 Client (3)

Long term recovery client

  Firstly, I started to use drug and alcohol when I was 17 years old. When I grown up I was very silly and didn't know anything to work at home. Every day i spend my time and enjoy with my friends to used drug and alcohol. I never thought that I would get the problems to used drug and alcohol in my life. I have faced with poor healthy and didn't have enough money to buy food to eat. During when I drug, I made the violence with my family and tried to fight with other people at my neighbor house. Moreover people mock and bias me for used substance abuse and make violence in the community.  After that i know myself well if I still using drug and alcohol I will become the slave of drug and one day my life will disappear. Therefore I stop using substance abuse and decided to come to DARE treatment center. After treatment when I went back to home I have met with my old friends. They persuaded me for many ways to use it again but I tried to avoid it and control myself well. I still remember sometime while I have faced with craving during the treatment period, DARE worker help me for many way to forget it. They worked full time, tried hard for us and give education during the treatment period.

           The activities of DARE Network have a lot of benefit in our community. They gave education and did home visit in our society so people know more about drug and alcohol abuse and know also what DARE Network did in the community. I have seen some teenager their life change because they got knowledge and education about substance abuse by DARE addiction worker. Moreover the percentage of addicted people decreases in our society. If we didn’t have DARE Network the addiction people will be increase and many kinds of drug and alcohol will be entering in our community. Therefore we still need DARE organization to continuous their working in the future.


Client (3) family story

           I faced many kinds of problem because my husband was an addicted person in my family. I worried for my children because I didn’t have enough money to buy food and send them to school. My house full with fighting and didn’t have unity like other people house. But when my husband went to DARE treatment center, everything was quiet in my house. I felt very happy and have anymore fighting in my family. During while he been in treatment period, my neighbor took care and encourage me, help me for many way about the materials that I need in my house. After treatment when he back to home, his action everything was different and cannot compare in the past time. I was very happy to saw his life change and to rebuild a new life for the future. Generally, he ready to become value person and a good role modern to addicted people in the community. We got back unity and have a home sweet home forever in our family. Additionally, the activities of DARE Network have a lot of benefit to help the client to become a good person in the community. When DARE workers gave us education I have got many kinds of topic and know more about it so I could share to other people who didn’t know the damage of substance abuse. Therefore DARE Network was useful in our community.


Client (4)

Long term recovery client

         I started to use drug and alcohol when I was 19 years old. Usually I gather together to used Marijuana, alcohol and Cheroot with my friends on weekend. When i was teenager I want to task any kind of drug, alcohol so after that I became addicted person. I know myself if I still continues to used drug, alcohol it would damage my health and my studied So I decided to stop use it and prepared myself to go to DARE treatment center. During when I been in treatment period I got many kinds of treatment and knowledge about substance abuse. In addition, I know more about the power of drug and alcohol damage in our community.  After treatment when I back to my home, the things that make me to become addict person again were my old friends. They persuaded me for many ways to become addict person again.

       But I already decided myself to stop it so I could avoid it as well as I can. For my view DARE Network activities was benefit a lot to me and also benefit for the community. Some people they used drug and alcohol so that it was harm their duty and work. Generally, if they were stop and come to DARE treatment center they would free for drug, alcohol and also the percentage of addicted people will be decrease. I would like to encourage all addicted people to go to treatment center to free for substance abuse and to become value person in their family.


Client (4) family story

        Before he went to the DARE Treatment center, he tried to steal everything in the house. He sold the materials in the house and enjoy with his friend for drinking.  Moreover when he used drug and alcohol he was suffer kind of healthy problem every time so I felt very pity on him.  I advice him to go to DARE treatment center as he would feel better and lived far away with drug and alcohol. He agrees with me and eager to stop using substance abuse. After treatment when he back to home I felt very happy because almost hundred percent he free for drug and alcohol. I thank all of DARE worker to heal and took care of my son so now he was recovery for drug and alcohol. DARE Network activities was benefit and useful in our community. Because the clients who been in treatment center mostly they were recovery and free for substance abuse. During when DARE worker gave education I know more about the problem of drug, alcohol and how to help also addicted people in the community.