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Meet Us!

DARE Network Core Staff in Mae Sariang (2009).

Most of the core staff and and over 60 addiction workers are local people from the ethnic populations of Burma. Our staff delivers culturally appropriate treatment and provides support to individuals in their own community.

DARE Network Core Staff

The DARE Network Core Office is located in Mae Sariang. The Core Staff manage day to day operations, deliver training and coordinate with the various Field Offices, Funders, Refugee coordinating bodies, international volunteers and the Thai Authorities.

Staff include: Law La Say, Suttiporn, Ko Lo Htoo, Nuttarinee, Tenny, Det Sot, Mu Mu, Sivalee, Kanchana and Pam

Field Office Staff

DARE NETWORK Teams are set up in different ways in each community to implement activities. Each community is at a dissimilar stage of development according to when they were trained and when they began to implement their activities.

Each community’s environment is slightly different, with the biggest factors being the level of freedom of movement and availability of resources.

Camp Staff consists of Addiction Workers, Community-Based Addiction Workers and Community Volunteers.

Addiction Workers work directly with clients in treatment as well as prevention and education activities within the community. DARE has trained over 100 addiction workers since its inception in 2002.

Community Addiction Workers focus solely on prevention and education within the community.

Community Volunteers

DARE Network Teenagers For Kids Team Member (Tham Hin Camp).

DARE Network committees support and advise DARE Network teams, as well as coordinate between camp committees and DARE Network workers.
Volunteers also assist with the Men's Group, Women's Group and DARE Network Teenager Teams.

DARE Network Advisory Board

The DARE Network Advisory Board's role is to advise on ethnic and cultural issues. The Board also helps to ensure the sustainability of DARE Network and represent DARE Network externally.

Dr. Jaroon Jittiwutakarn (Thai)
Khun Sivalee Kasemsilpa (Thai)
Dah Eh Kler (Karen)
Oo Reh (Karenni)
Nae Nae (Karenni)
Naw Tay Tay (Refugee Representative)
U Kong Hong (Lahu)
Sein Htun (PaO)