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Why Addiction?

Running for their lives to the Thai/Burma border.
The Burmese Army burns villages and lays landmines. This forces the ethnic people to flee their homes and makes it unsafe to return.
Families are often separated and lost.
The ethnic people of Burma hope for peace.
Family in a jungle hideout where food is scarce and danger ever present.
This baby has been burned in the Burmese Army attack.
Running for safety taking all that remains.
The ethnic people of Burma are being annihilated.
A lost generation.
From the oldest to the youngest, everyone must go.
No food, no shelter, but comfort in their love for each other.
Starvation in the monsoon.
The burden is heavy and the way out is far.
Life is not so good at the moment.
Some help arrives - soap, shampoo, toothbrush.