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Addiction Treatment

A DARE client after a herbal sauna treatment. Detox is only one aspect of the non-medicinal treatment program at DARE Network.
Several clients finish a herbal sauna treatment. Clients usually undertake a sauna treatment once per week or as needed.
Herbal saunas help eliminate the toxic build-up of drugs and alcohol from the body faster.
A DARE worker dries herbs. These herbs, taken orally, are used to relieve withdrawal symptoms.
A DARE client receives acupuncture. Acudetox helps calm the nervous system and eliminate toxins.
After receiving acudetox, the client generally sits for 40 minutes.
Acudetox is affordable and widely availble making it a cost effective method which does not rely on western drugs.
A DARE client receives massage therapy. Massage is beneficial as a relaxation tool, assisting clients to sleep during the period of withdrawal.
DARE staff prepare a meal. Clients are often malnourished when they come to DARE for treatment and food is used to replenish and fortify the immune and nervous systems.
Clients share a meal together. Eating together helps reconnect those who feel isolated from their communities.
Detox is only one part of the treatment process. Clients also receive addiction education and opportunities to share their stories.
The DARE Network day program allows more women to come for treatment and to bring their children with them.