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Prevention and Education: DARE for All

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Through our various prevention and education programs, we provide information and support to foster a substance free environment both within the refugee camps and migrant populations. Our prevention and education activities fall under our DARE For All programming.

Due to the strong value placed on family systems, our programs mirror this environment to provide family centered age appropriate programming.

DARE For ALL Family programs include:

Men Working With Men For Happy Families

In refugee and migrant communities, substance abuse is a root cause of domestic violence. Domestic violence is most often perpetrated by males.

Men Working With Men For Happy Families engages positive adult males in the community to serve as role models for other men who may be perpetrating domestic violence. Through safe and supportive groups, men are able to learn about the causes and effects of domestic violence and the role of drugs and alcohol in this violence.

Women's Support Group

Recognizing that substance abuse has a direct negative impact on the women of the refugee and migrate populations, DARE Network established the Women’s Support Group. The Karen Women's Group and Karenni Women's group have both contributed Gender Based Violence Training to DARE workers.

This group provides a safe space for women to share and gain strength from each other while learning about direct impact of substance abuse on their lives. This support helps them to disengage from the addiction in their homes that controls them and their children.

Teenagers For Kids

Adolescents within the refugee camps and migrant communities, due to the trauma of refugee life, the lack of available education and employment opportunities, have an increased risk for substance use and abuse.

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To prevent youth from engaging in substance use, DARE Network designed a prevention program for teenagers.

The teenagers extensively learn about solvent abuse, an emerging substance in the 9 refugee camps, as well as the effect of alcohol and other drugs. The teenagers have worked to educate the younger generation about the negative affects of using solvents with the use of a comic book drawn by a refugee artist and puppet show to reach those who cannot read.

One of the many losses sustained by life in in the refugee camp is loss of culture. Young people are losing their roots as the culture is lost between generations. Recovery from Addiction requires, among other things, knowing who you are and having a spiritual connection. To return young people to their roots, DARE has initiated a traditional music program combined with modern music. Young people are writing music and participating in tradition "Ta" (poem) competitions using a combination of modern and traditional instruments. Traditional music teachers in the camps are participating in this project.

Help Your Neighbour

The Help Your Neighbour campaign was developed to encourage individuals to help community member who are in treatment. When the head of household enters treatment, families struggle with food, shelter, childcare and other social needs.

This program encourages the community to help with these needs. The Neighbor of the Month award system was implemented to recognize individuals and families that exemplify volunteerism and support.

Family Home Visits

Family home visits are designed to create relationships with individuals and families across the community. Using culturally appropriate methods, DARE Network camp workers meet with families to provide education and resources.

These visits also provide an opportunity for families to discuss potential drug and alcohol abuse of a family member. These home visits are often coordinated with other aid workers within the camps and thus strengthen working relationships with other NGO/CBOs working along the border.

Anti-Drug Day art contest

Community Events

The DARE Network participates in camp-wide in World Anti-Drug, HIV and Refugee Days. Previous world anti-drug day activities have included anti-drug art and writing contests.

DARE Network also provides educational workshops to the general camp community. These workshops included but are not limited to The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol, Addiction, HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, and general drug and alcohol use.