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Ultimate Frisbee

A teen tries to block a pass during a frisbee game (Tham Hin Camp). DARE began introducing Ultimate Frisbee to its Teens Teams in 2006.
Liz Lu from the Bangkok Soidawgz gives the teens a quick run down on the history of Ultimate Frisbee before the teens learn to play (Tham Hin Camp). Players from around the world volunteer their time to coach and train DARE Teen Teams.
The teens practice their throws (Karenni Camp 1). Before heading out to the field, the coaches show the teens how to properly hold and throw the disc.
Jiew and Patrick from the Bangkok Soidawgz lead a warm-up stretch before they head off to the field to practice (Karenni Camp 1
The teens gather in a circle to watch a demonstration (Mae Ra Moe Camp). Many of these teens have never heard of frisbee before and are learning about the game for the first time.
The camp playing field (Mae Ra Moe Camp). Temperatures often rise above 30°C, but that does not stop football and frisbee players alike.
A young boy practices his backhand throw (Ban Don Yang Camp). The frisbee games often attract many teens and children who are not members of DARE’s Teens Teams to DARE events.
A teen grabs a pass during practice (Tham Hin Camp). Generally, the teens get a full afternoon of practice the day before and a morning review session before the tournament. Photo courtesy of Nicolas Axelrod.
Two teen girls practice blocking their opponent during practice (Karenni Camp 1). Ultimate Frisbee is a mixed team sport which encourages participation by girls.
DARE’s Addiction Services Manager, Law La Say, throws a pass during frisbee practice (Tham Hin Camp). Photo courtesy of Nicolas Axelrod.
The teens practice defence in small groups before teams are established (Mae Ra Moe Camp).
After two practice sessions it’s time for the tournament to begin (Tham Hin Camp).
Teens compete in a camp tournament (Karenni Camp 1). All star teams from each camp will participate in an Inter-Camp Tournament in 2009.
This game attracts a young spectator (Ban Don Yang Camp).
Teens watch the game intently from the sidelines (Tham Hin Camp). Ultimate teams and volunteer coaches generously donate t-shirts and other items as prizes.
Teens congratulate each other on a good game (Tham Hin Camp). The coaches stress the spirit of the game as the most important rule, encouraging sportsman like behaviour and the importance of having fun.
A DARE Teens Team poses for a group shot after the game (Tham Hin Camp).