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Client Testimonial

Successful Teenager Client *

We are using many kinds of addictive thing in our life. Smoke and alcohol is the most. When we understand of our self after receiving addiction education knowledge from DARE worker come to our school and at the same time we heard they offering treatment for teenager addicts in their treatment centre so three of us decided our self and come to DARE treatment centre.

In our school we still see some students smoke and drink alcohol. After we back from the treatment centre they try to us for smoke with them and drink. Three of us we say the same thing to them we are already to decided for not using again.

Our parents are happy with us when we going to school without using alcohol and smoke. Before we are always absent for going to the school.

Successful Client *

When I look at to myself as I am old men in the community, I used alcohol and sometimes my behaviour was so bad. I was not good example for the young people and have no respect from the other people. But now stay with DARE for 3 month to stop my addiction.

Many of young people said that we should take example from this three clients from DARE centre. I see DARE treatment is very good and benefit to many people especially addicted people. I will say that now we are refugee in Thailand and have less right, hopeless. More than that we used alcohol create community disturbing, family problem.

I think DARE program is very good and benefit. As DARE workers taught to us give us education about basic drugs knowledge and we see is true and right according to our experiences. We do not remember all the topics but some of the topics that easy we got it. We also share knowledge to other people when we meet them.

DARE treatment protocol are acudetox, herbal sauna, herbal medicine, massage and we sleep very well and eat very good after we start to get treatment.

*Translated by DARE Network staff