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Client Testimonial

Relapse Client *

I was an addicted to alcohol for more than 15 years. I was always having a problem with my wife and my children. I did not believe and accepted to my addiction problem.

Last year I tried to receive DARE treatment for full course and trust myself that I can maintain sober. When I returned home and I saw my wife tried to find a new house to live in and made me surprised. Before I was an addicted person my wife support me to come for treatment and now what happened to them and I was very confused at that time. I was very hopeless and discouragement when my family tried to stay away from me. I tried to talk to them but seem to be not worked.

I started to find my old friends then drank again. After while I relapsed for few months and my family returned and care about me so I went to DARE treatment centre for the 2nd time. I felt very happy that DARE gives me another chance to stay in DARE treatment centre for 3 months. I started to realize and see how much DARE workers care about me and help me a lot and also support me in many ways. Sometimes DARE workers take care me more than my family maybe my family tired of me.

Now I finished the 2nd time treatment and my family was very happy to see me sober again. I stay with family at home, help them as I could. We did not fight each other as before if we compare in the past. My family and I had a fight near to every day in the past when I was an alcohol addict.

I want thank DARE’s work that help me again and see the work is very important for us. I can say now that I sober but in the future I am afraid what I have to face with. I need DARE workers to support me if I need their help.

Therefore, in our community we need this kind of work to stay working and implement more activities for our people. We still have a lot of alcohol addicts and young people to stay free from drug and alcohol.

I have no education because I did not go to school when I was young. As you know we do not have chance to study because of the military oppression I don’t know how to suggest you work and give my ideas to you organization. I see all you are doing now are very good and perfect to me. Thanks.

* Translated by DARE Network staff