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Download our volunteer information package to learn more about volunteering with DARE. (Photo courtesy of Nicolas Axelrod).

DARE Network is looking for skilled volunteers to help us increase our capacity to provide comprehensive substance abuse prevention and treatment along the Thai/Burma border.


                  Volunteer Vacancy Position


DARE Network is a community based organization that has been working with the ethnic minorities of Burma for 15 years to educate, prevent, treat and support people and communities affected by substance abuse.


Our motto is: A free mind cannot be destroyed.


 DARE Network is expanding and looking for a long term volunteer, to share our journey on the Thai/Burma border. The volunteer will support the team as an External Relations Manager. This is not a paid role, so the volunteer must be self supporting. It is possible that the volunteer will be able to access funding at a later date but we need you now!


Position Title: External Relations Manager


Duration: Minimum 6 months; ideally 1 – 2 years.


Location: DARE Network Head Office, Mae Sariang, Thailand


Benefits: The volunteer is expected to be self- supporting. However, DARE will not charge volunteer any fees. DARE will provide refugee camp passes and travel per diems.  


The volunteer must supply her/his own visa (documents can be provided to assist), travel to Thailand, health insurance and living costs. DARE will pay the volunteer limited travel expenses when on assignment for DARE only.


Volunteer Duties:


Stakeholder Engagement and Fundraising


This aspect of the volunteer role involves working with DARE Staff to coordinate DARE Network’s external relations with donors, potential donors, advisory boards, coordinating bodies, and other NGOs. This includes:


  • Liaising with CCSPDT NGO members, attending certain CCSPDT meetings with the view to represent DARE Network at these meetings, and report back to DARE staff.
  • Attend and take notes at local NGO/CBO monthly coordination meetings to support DARE Network staff that may not attend, and support DARE staff when DARE hosts these meetings.
  • Maintain good relations with donors and build positive new funding relations, through attendance of meetings, regular communication, coordination of donor visits to DARE Network office and field sites, and meeting reporting requirements.
  • Writing proposals and reports to funders in a timely and complete way
  • Sourcing fund raising opportunities from government agencies, foundations, corporations, crowd source and private donors
  • Assisting in analyzing evaluations and documentation to provide information for annual reports
  • Helping develop fundraising tools and international sustainable sources of funding


Other Duties


As well as the aforementioned roles, the volunteer will perform other tasks as required by the Program Coordinator, Director and other DARE staff, such as proofreading, assisting staff with English language communication skills, and being part of staff programs. The role of the volunteer is creative and the volunteer is encouraged to bring their own experience and knowledge with the DARE team. It is important for the volunteer to be confident to self-initiate work, and decision-making, assisting DARE staff in whatever ways possible, so that they may evolve their role to fit the needs of DARE Network. DARE is a small organisation and works as a very supportive environment. There is huge opportunity for you and the team to learn and grow together, keeping in mind that they are the experts in their own communities and have already many skills.


Qualifications and Experience


Desired competencies include:


  • Fundraising Experience: proposal writing, donor reports, budget negotiations, writing donor reports
  • Computer Skills: Good MS Office Word and Excel skills, and general computer literacy
  • Communications Experience: Experience with social media platforms and blog writing, excellent oral and written communication skills in English (professional working and academic language skills are assets).
  • Experience Working in Multicultural Setting: Experience in working and living in multicultural work environment, preferably in Southeast Asia
  • Experience Working with Community-based Organizations, or equivalent: Experience working with CBOs, not-for-profit local organisations, social-enterprises, or equivalent
  • Organizational Skills: strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Experience in Addiction Work is not necessary but it is expected that the volunteer will not be a substance abuser or use substances on the job
  • Knowledge of any of the local languages (Thai, Karen, Burmese) is not required but highly valued.
  • Knowledge of the political context of the conflict and refugee crisis in Burma is desired, but not mandatory. Volunteers are advised to read up about the situation prior to commencing placement.


Values and Commitments


  • Understanding of and empathy for migrant and refugee communities
  • Strong commitment to the principles of volunteerism – not volun-tourism
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment
  • Willing and open to learning about new cultures, ways of working and issues
  • Ability to adjust to challenging and unpredictable political environment, and are aware of the personal connections many DARE staff have to the on-going conflict.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to build effective relationships with donors and partners.
  •  Confidence to advocate for DARE Network and the people it serves
  • Team player attitude
  • Gender sensitive
  • Self motivated and independent, strong work ethic with ability to self-initiate work and make decisions


  How to Apply


Persons interested in applying and learning more can download this form, and attach the completed application form and CV in an email to:


Pam Rogers (Capacity Advisor/Addiction Trainer)


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Phone: +66 (0)89 851 6253