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Step Back to Burma is Launched

Step Back to Burma: Bringing DARE Network's programs across the border


In early 2015, DARE will work with 20 villages to provide addiction education workshops and train local leaders to conduct addiction prevention education and small treatment programs.  

Our five year goal is to be present in over 60 villages across Hpa’an, Mutraw and Khler Lwe Thu provinces.

In the early stages, DARE Network's community based model will focus on the careful transfer of knowledge from our highly skilled camp staff to local village leaders.

DARE Network combats the harmful effects of addiction on the people and the community by ensuring access to treatment. It protects the communities through education and interactive involvement in support, treatment and prevention programs.


Our Program:

- Treatment – 3 month residential or 6 week non-residential, ongoing support groups
- Prevention Education – Teens for Kids, Men Working with Men for Happy Families, Home Visits
- Training – We train local people to become addiction workers and master trainers, to strengthen community resilience.

Our treatment is non-medical and culturally appropriate. Similar to the prevention education programs, treatment is community focused. Neither prevention, nor recovery, ends when someone leaves DARE treatment or an education session. We work with community members and leaders, families, other community based organizations and ethnic leadership to provide the best ongoing community driven support to prevent and treat substance addiction.



DARE Network is passionate. It ensures adequate treatment and prevention services to the ethnic minorities of Burma. Each year we look for new ways to expand our programs and analyze the current environment. Whilst the big issue, namely supply of drugs and alcohol is out of our hands, we do the best we can with the resources available to us to assist those affected by the trade.

This a snapshot of the annual results:

? 300 clients treated in the residential and non-residential programs
? 61% non-relapse rate. This is significantly higher than many western treatment programs, and a consistent yearly figure
? 269 prevention education sessions reached over 18,000 people
? 1,700 participants in our DARE for All community programs
? 62 camp based staff, 98% local staff from Burma
? 297 volunteers for our DARE for All programs
? 24,000 people visited and given support through our home visiting program

TEENS FOR KIDS – ULTIMATE FRISBEE (ABOVE) DARE runs a Teens for Kids program, where youth run their own Ultimate Frisbee competition alongside prevention education. The youth involved learn new skills, gender equality and conflict resolution. To prevent drug and alcohol abuse, the program develops healthy social skills and increases self-esteem.



 Success Story: Long Term Recovery Client

“I started to use drugs & alcohol when I was a teenager. When I followed my friends somewhere, they would force me to use it; if you did what we said, you could follow us and enjoy with us. I spent my time using with my friends every time I was with them.

“I started to become addicted step by step until without drugs & alcohol I couldn’t do anything. Therefore I became under the control of drugs & alcohol.
“During my addiction, local authorities came and encouraged me to stop using. Moreover they let me know about the DARE treatment program for my recovery. After that I agreed
with them and went to the DARE treatment center.

“I felt happy while I was in the treatment center. The addiction workers showed good support to us. They gave us good knowledge and activities during the treatment period. I was satisfied with the addiction workers, who didn’t ignore me and had a good relationship with me. Therefore I am eager to change my mind and became a valuable person again.

“After treatment I had to face many problems. Mostly people who lived around me were addicted people. I remember while we were in treatment period, the addiction worker spent their time to give us education to become a good person, so I could control my mind and try to avoid it easily. I wanted to inform all of the people who lived in the community; using drugs & alcohol were not a good thing. It will damage you and will destroy your people for the future.”

(Refugee client story after 3 month residential treatment program, translated. Identity concealed for protection.) CONTACT DARE NETWORK THAILAND Law La Say, Program Coordinator Pam Rogers, Capacity Adviser & Addiction Trainer Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Post: DARE Network, PO Box 47, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son, 58110, Thailand
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Client Story
Long Term Recovery Client 



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