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Who Benefits

The DARE Network's vision is to promote the strength of ethnic people from Burma who can use the power of recovery from addiction as a non-violent means to resist oppression. DARE Network believes that to achieve this vision, we must work across ethnic lines and with many different populations. Currently, DARE Network's programming focuses on three distinct groups of people refugees, migrants, and Internally Displaced People (IDPs).


Interactive Map

DARE Network works with people who have fled persecution and war in Burma. There are approximately 140,000 people living in Temporary Shelters (Refugee Camps), along the Thai/Burma border. These camps are under the control of the Ministry of Interior of Thailand. Refugees are confined to camps and therefore, are dependent on external resources to meet the most basic needs. DARE Network is actively involved in 8 camps along the border. For more information about these communities and DARE Network's involvement click here.


DARE Network works with migrant workers who have come to Thailand to survive in a safer environment. Some migrant people are often fleeing the same human rights abuses and loss of livelihoods as those confined to refugee camps along the border. According to Thai Burma Border Consortium's (TBBC) estimate, over 1 million migrants are working in factories and farms across Thailand. These positions are demanding with long hours and minimal pay. DARE Network primarily provides prevention and education services to the migrant population and treatment, when possible.


Internally Displaced People (IDPs)

TBBC estimates that approximately 500,000 people are displaced, from their farms and villages within Burma, by attacks from the Burmese military regime. Many are hiding in jungles fearing further incursions by the junta, while others are living in relocation sites or temporary settlements in cease-fire areas. DARE Network is ready to work with this population and merely lacks the resources at this time.